Supporting Small Businesses at Your Local Farmers Market


One of our favorite parts of farmers markets is the fact that merely visiting one supports local businesses. Vendors at your local farmers markets are your neighbors, your fellow community members, the people you see as you retrieve the paper from your front lawn every morning. These are the people that make your community unique, that make your town a place you want to live in. Why wouldn’t you want to support them?

Have you ever heard the quote that goes, “buying from a small business is giving a young girl dance lessons, or putting food on the table for a family you know.” The beauty of that quote is that it is true! When you buy from a large chain grocery store, you are only putting money in the pocket of a corporation who already has millions of dollars and only pay their employees minimum wage. Why would you want to give them your money when you can make a difference in your community just by going to the farmers market?

We think shopping and supporting local is often underappreciated. Many people complain about the cost, that the grocery story is cheaper and prices at the market are outrageous. They complain that it isn’t convenient and you can just get in and out like the grocery store. Some even complain that the farmers market is only one day a week, so what are they supposed to do if they need fruits and vegetables the other days of the week? While all of these things may be true at times, none of that compares to the actual joy of being at the farmers market.

When you spend time in the open air, perusing fresh fruits and vegetables and socializing with your fellow neighbor, it does the soul good. What makes it even better is that you are giving these local business owners a chance to succeed and grow their business even further. You are giving a boost to your local economy and helping your community grow, just by supporting one local business. Don’t you want the world to see all the great things you see about your town on a regular basis? Because that is exactly what happens when you shop at your local farmers market and support small businesses.

Want to know what we are talking about? Come on out to the Tarboro Market every first and third Saturday starting April 6, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., and support your local businesses!