5 Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Farmer’s Market


Have you ever been to a farmer’s market? Or maybe you have, but didn’t think it was worth your time? Either way, farmers markets are amazing events that you should be attending regularly. There are many benefits to shopping at your local farmer’s market versus the grocery store, and here are some of our favorites just to get you excited about the next one:

  1. Fresh Produce and Unique Items
    Farmers Markets are notorious for their fresh produce. Think bushels of leafy greens and baskets of bright fruits and veggies of every kind. They’re also notorious for unique handmade items that you can’t find anywhere else. Every farmer and maker at a farmers market has their specialty, so you are always going to find something that peaks your interest. The best part is that all of this delicious produce is grown locally! What’s better than sitting down at dinner and chowing down on food that was practically grown in your backyard?!

  2. Supporting Local Businesses
    One thing is guaranteed when you shop at your local farmer’s market- you are helping local businesses grow. You could certainly be going to the grocery store and buying produce there but you would be putting money in the hands of a large corporation. When you shop at your local farmers market, you are putting money right back into your community and that is something to be proud of.

  3. A Fun, Inexpensive Way to Get Out of the House
    Sometimes, coming up with stuff to do is hard, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s tempting to take the kids to mini-putt every weekend, or to even let them sleep in and spend all day watching TV. But what if there was somewhere you could take them without spending a penny where everyone could get some fresh air, see people you know, and just get out of the house? Well, there is! It’s your local farmer’s market. It doesn’t cost you a penny to show up and support the businesses there, and it’s a great way to get a little sun and fresh air after all those winter months spent indoors.

  4. Socializing with Your Fellow Neighbor
    Farmer’s markets are community events in every way possible. Community members organize the market, sell at the market, and even purchase at the market. This may be our favorite reason to shop at farmers markets because we love seeing the community come together.

  5. Much, Much More
    The benefits of shopping at a farmer’s market cannot be limited to these five reasons. There are many more and writing them all down would take a very long time. So, why not see them for yourself firsthand? Come on out to the Tarboro Market and see what makes farmers markets so fantastic!

    The Tarboro Market is back for its first market of the season on Saturday, April 6, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Tarboro Market runs every first and third Saturday starting in April and ending in October. This year, for the first market, the Tarboro Market will be hosting a raffle where we will be giving away items from our local vendors. Make sure to show up for your FREE raffle ticket. Extras can be purchased for $1 each. Winner(s) will be announced at the end of the market at 12pm.