Triple Dresser style No. 172

Triple Dresser style No. 172


Made in 2005 by Henkel Harris. Mahogany #29 finish.

Has columns carved into the outer edges. Also comes with removable jewelry storage.

MEASUREMENTS:   H37   L66.5   D22


please see photos for condition details :

2. left corner of top's finish is a little off (appears more satin, rather than glossy)

5-6. there are a number of dings toward the back of the top

7. Back edge has about a 2 inch sliver that seems to have been repaired but still missing a piece

8. ding on face of middle drawer. 

9. ding on bottom edge ( in the middle of dresser)

11. wear on top, toward the front of dresser

12. layer of top finish was rubbed off but is still dark in color.

13. There are a few spots that are really shiny on the left side of dresser top.

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