Organic Facial Mask

Organic Facial Mask


Charcoal Mint.
For all skin types. Ideal for acne prone and oily skin. 

2oz / 57g

Pour teaspoon amount into palm and add water to form a paste. Once applied to face, leave on for 15 minutes. May use 1 - 2 times weekly.

Notes from the maker:
"A luxurious little mask designed to deeply absorb toxins, cleanse, exfoliate, and soothe the delicate skin."

"+ Activated charcoal has been used for hundreds of years to absorb dirt, grime, and any other impurities in the skin. 
+ Certified organic oat flour cleanses and gently exfoliates
+ Certified organic coconut powder moisturizes and soothes, and smells delicious. 
+ The certified organic plant oil of peppermint nourishes dull skin and improves texture. It also is very uplifting and fresh.

Customize your mask each time; choose water, avocados, bananas, aloe vera, rose water, etc... to activate the powder. Create your own spa-like experience. Best results on MAKEUP-FREE skin. VEGAN. "

"Lenora handcrafts organic products in Wisconsin in very small batches. Using only the finest certified organic ingredients ensures quality and freshness. We strive to only purchase these ingredients from reputable companies with the same philosophies and sustainability."

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