a form of healing

It’s almost as if the artist takes on the healing process. Mending what was broken. My mama is a healer as well, working 30 + years on the pediatrics floor at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. While she was taking care of her little patients, my dad called me to see what I was up to. I mentioned I was staring at a canvas I had stretched and was trying to figure out what to paint on it. He then asked if I would do a painting of our dog and cat, who had recently passed away in the last year or so. Ecstatic to paint for my mama, the image flashed into my mind and I set to work, telling him to text me any photos he had for reference.

The flowers with ribbon came from a design on an old handkerchief.
The pillows, from the way I like to sit comfy on the floor.
Painting patterns & color in the broken parts of the frame is one of my favorite symbols for healing.

Painting seems to preserve something more than just a memory but a relationship that is elevated above ordinary. Healing from death is a beautiful slow process. With continued forms of communication, all is possible. I welcome God’s path, not that it’s easy but because there’s beauty & glory in the brokenness.

thank you for reading friends,