Blessing our Mess


“What a mess I've created, it's such a beautiful, beautiful mess.”

When the closet gets full and bursts open, the only priority now is to sort through it - one item at a time. Our items normally represent something hidden. We like to hide behind good looking stuff. Why not? Our insides are ugly and mamma couldn't teach us how to cope with them. The Church? Well they really pushed us over the edge. So guess who's left to mend the wound? Our gut, our anger and our shame. Yes these 3 things hold all the answers we will ever need. No one else so let's dive in. 

I wanted to write everything in some kind of order but that project would take a little too long. So here they are, my thoughts, free in the wind. Take them with salt. Everything's better with salt. My heart is full and I'm aiming at mending the anger around us. Our world is broken and there is beauty in the brokenness, beauty in the process of blessing our inner selves. 

The word "blessing" seems best for blending gratefulness and nurturing self care. So free your energy. Let your creative energy take control instead of letting the world take your energy. You can give the world your best work if you just "be". Be present, be kind, be grateful, steadfast and listen. Your heart will speak when your head shuts up. The solutions will show themselves when the anger and shame are welcomed as beacons. 

In the morning or on the train, when our thoughts start, ask: Why do I feel this way? Write it all down. everything.

Still have an excuse? Write again: Why do I feel this way? Then write the answers to your own question.

Do it again until you feel better. Some say do this 10 times others say 5. Depends on how many excuses you can come up with before your true values show their face. Yes that stuff is hidden deep. But now with our heads clear we can create: our world, our life, our own blessings. 

Breathe and repeat. "I am the creator of my world and my dreams are just the beginning"

Thank you for reading friends,