Pretty Rugged Designs is a Creative Studio and Lifestyle Design Brand in Tarboro, NC.

A place for America’s Bohemia. Encompassing freedom & creativity, emphasizing the importance of quality & timeless design, where culture becomes art.

We strive to make the world better by supplying the best brands & investments we can find or create, keeping in mind where & how each piece originated.

We truly believe in our products & that they will be treasured for generations.



“When I grew up, I wanted to be a cowboy, an artist, and a country singer so here I am, singing my heart out in the studio with my boots on.

I love working with clients to bring their passions & values to life, be it through work, play, or homestead.

Our product collections are designed with vintage and sustainable materials. My work has always been inspired by the well-made, well-designed objects around me and the concepts that go along with them.”

- April Williams


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